Tiny Steps applies the Creative Curriculum in all of our programs. The Creative Curriculum recognizes that in order for a child to most effectively learn, they cannot just memorize information they are given. Children need to not only be presented with new concepts, but must make real-world connections with them and put them into practice. Tiny Steps applies the components of the Creative Curriculum in our centers:


Allows your child to get their creative energy flowing, teaches them about colors & design, and strengthens their fine-motor skills.

Library & Language

Develops your child’s language, social, and listening skills.

Math & Manipulative

Your child will learn their numbers and enhance their problem-solving skills.

Science & Discovery

Your child will discover and learn more about the world around them.

Music & Movement

Strengthens large-motor skills and allows your child to experience melody, patterns, and fun!

Sensory Station

Your child will learn about textures and measurement and be able to apply what they learn from math and science.

Block Building

Encourages sharing and cooperation while learning about size, shape, and balance.

Dramatic Play

Your child will learn more about themselves and be given the opportunity to use their imagination to the fullest.